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Calum's Story

Calum joined Cera Care in 2020 as a Care Assistant in Scotland, after facing redundancy due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Calum shared his story with us, his initial perceptions of what a role in care may look like and the reality! 


Care Assistant: 5 Questions

How is the role different from your expectations?

I had many reservations about getting into social care and questioned whether or not I’d even be able to do it. 

Working in care is like extending your family very quickly! Suddenly you have a vast amount of new grannys and grandads and with you visiting your service users regularly, you really build a strong bond.

I expected to be spending all my time doing personal care ( yes there is an element of that) but we spend most of our time encouraging our service users to live their best lives in their own homes! 

How was the training and onboarding process?

The training and onboarding was one of the smoothest and professional experiences I have had entering a new company. I was kept up to date throughout. The training sessions really set you up for working with service users and the shadowing days help build a clearer understanding of each service users individual needs and the day to day role expectations.

What Myths would you like to debunk about working in social care?

Social care is just about personal care... is fake news!  In my time with Cera myself and the other care staff have seen a user go from being bed bound to taking their first steps again with the work that we all put in during our visits.

Social care is for non-educated people.. absolutely not! There is plenty of training and always new things to learn. You will also be making some very serious judgement calls on behalf of your service users - based on their health and crossing into medication so it's far from menial. 

What has been your biggest highlight since starting work at Cera?

My personal highlight is the bonds we build with our service users, which are unbelievably strong. One of our service users was unfortunately hospitalised for a while and whilst in hospital surrounded by family, they wanted to know where I was and why I hadn’t visited. To know you’ve impacted someone’s life in that way is really special. 

What are the main benefits of the job for you?

For me, the flexibility to choose my working pattern has been essential for my home life. I have a young puppy who is VERY needy. My work partner is a parent and is able to work around the needs of her children. 

The support and care I receive from my Care Coordinator is unrivalled from any job I’ve worked in - the office staff support you to support your service users, that's not something you find in many sectors.

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